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Little Wittenham Lamb

Little Wittenham Lamb


Lauren and Dan Marriott have started a tenancy with Farm Step at the Earth Trust.

The Marriotts have brought a flock of more than 300 pure-bred Romney sheep from the South Downs to graze on Wittenham Clumps, and will also graze a smaller flock of Oxford Down sheep.

"The qualities of the Romney breed are well-known all over the world, and we're very excited to be offering this exceptional meat at Wallingford Local Producers' Market."

The farming venture at Little Wittenham is a new career for Dan and Lauren, both of whom have worked in food and agriculture industries. They have taken over the land farmed by Camilla and Roly Puzey who moved to West Sussex in September.

The Marriotts chose the Romney and the Oxford Down breeds of sheep because they will do well on the grassland of Wittenham Clumps. "It will be good to see the Oxford Down sheep grazing in their 'home territory'. Like the Romney breed, they are very hardy and we look forward to them lambing in the spring," said Lauren Marriott.

For more information about Little Wittenham Lamb see their web site littlewittenhamlamb.co.uk.