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We operate in the Regal Centre from 10am to 1pm most Saturdays (setting up from 9.00am)

We do not operate when there is a 5th Saturday in the month because there is a pre-existing Farmers Market in the town on those Saturdays.

We operate in the Market Place when pre-existing bookings in the Regal Centre have precedence, you will be told dates when appropriate.

Stall fees are based on takings on the day:

For markets indoors in the Regal Centre ...
Up to £125= £8.00
£125 - £250= £16.00
£250 += £20.00
For markets outside in the Market Place ...
Up to £250= £16.00
£250 += £20.00

£20 is the standard fee, but we wanted to attract some local small-scale producers too. Generally we find that the meat and veg stalls pay the £16 - £20 and most others (jams, flowers, cakes, crafts) pay less.

The market consists of approximately 12 - 18 stalls each week and a cafe. Several stallholders come on a fortnightly or monthly basis and we are quite happy with that.

If you have any further queries contact the .


Just a reminder in case you are not aware, if you need to contact the market coordinator email is preferred ().

Stallholders are expected to provide two-weeks notice when cancelling a booking at the market. Late cancellations may be charged the minimum fee (currently £8).

If you are booked in to the market, that week you will receive an email from the market coordinator with any information you need plus a list of stallholders that will be present and details of where to set up. We are aware some people like a certain spot in the hall and we try to honour this, however, it is not always possible, owing to the mix of stallholders we have on any given Saturday, how many tables they need, and how we can best fit everyone in.

If you have broken down, or anything else untoward that has meant you will be late, or will not get to the market, please phone or text the market coordinator as soon as is possible.

Once at the market any difficulties in setting up or help or clarification should be addressed to the market coordinator. The market coordinator will be at the market at 9.00 am to ensure smooth set up.

A reminder that the number of tables, and the products you stated on your Stallholder Agreement form, is what has been agreed to, if you wish to change either of these, discussion needs to take place before attending the market.

We are all responsible for leaving the area we have used clear and clean, a broom, dustpan and a mop are available in the switch room.

Stalls should be set up in time to start trading when the market opens at 10am and should continue trading through to the market closing at 1pm (unless sold out).

The market has use of the Regal Centre until 1:30pm. Stallholders are expected to be packed up and cleared away early enough to allow the hall to be checked, doors closed and locked up by 1:30pm.

When putting tables away please can you stack them as upright as possible, leaving the light switch accessible, so it can be turned off at end of market without moving lots of tables.

The dates and locations of the market can be found on the web site at: wlpm.org.uk/dates.htm