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The General Stall

for bread, flour, rapeseed oil, crisps, dairy and eggs

The General Stall is run in support of The TreeHouse School and sells ...

Honey from Wallingford

Wine from Brightwell Vineyard, between Wallingford and Shillingford that produces award winning, quality white, ros, red and sparkling wines. Find out more about these wines. brightwellvineyard.co.uk


Beer from Loddon Brewery based at Dunsden Green in the Chilterns, started making beer in 2003 and now has a range of bottled beers with intriguing names such as Ferryman's Gold, Hoppit, Hullabaloo and Russet. Find out more about how they brew these beers. www.loddonbrewery.com

Beer from West Berkshire Brewery, based at Frilsham near Newbury, has award winning beers made using traditional techniques and British ingredients. Among the range are: Old Father Thames, Maggs Magnificent Mild and Dr Hexter's Wedding Ale. Find out more about how they brew these beers. www.wbbrew.com


Cider from Tutts Clump who produce a variety of ciders from eating, cooking and crab apples that might otherwise have gone to waste. The majority of apples used come from west Berkshire with a few from south Oxfordshire and north Hampshire. Find out more about the range of ciders www.tuttsclumpcider.co.uk

Apple Juice from Waterperry Garden is made using time-honoured methods, which means our fruit and juices are low on food miles and high on taste. Around 50 different varieties of apple are grown on the five acres of orchard at Waterperry Gardens at Wheatley - including unusual varieties such as Ashmeads Kernel, Orleans Reinette and Kidd's Orange, and old favourites Cox's Orange Pippin, Bramley and Egremont Russet too. Find out more about the apples. www.waterperrygardens.co.uk

A selection of white, brown and seeded bread from Cornfield Bakery in Wheatley. www.cornfieldbakery.com This is an independent, family-run craft bakery making additive-free bread in the traditional way using flour from Wessex Mill in Wantage.

Milk from a pedigree herd of Guernsey cows on Laceys' Family Farm in the Chiltern Hills. Full cream, semi-skimmed and skimmed pasteurised milk is usually available in 500ml and one litre sizes on The General Stall. Learn more about the dairy laceysfamilyfarm.co.uk


Eggs from free-range hens foraging in Philip and Rosemary Mader-Grayson's riverside meadow at Shillingford are sold on The General Stall.

chickens eggs

Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil is a healthy oil for cooking and salads. High in Omega 3 and vitamin E it meets all culinary needs because of its ability to withstand high temperature cooking. The oil is grown, cold pressed to give the oil a vibrant golden colour, and bottled on the Gloucestershire farm. www.cotswoldgold.co.uk

If you prefer to make your own bread, stop at The General Stall for a supply of flour from Wessex Mill in Wantage. www.wessexmill.co.uk This is excellent flour for artisan bakers; it is consistent, strong and has good performance. Most of the wheat is sourced from local farms in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.