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Constitution of the
Wallingford Local Producers Market

1. Name

The organisation shall be called Wallingford Local Producers Market ("the market").

2. Aims and Objectives

a) To establish and manage a regular, non-profit making market selling local produce in Wallingford.

b) To increase the availability of fresh, locally produced, ecologically sound and healthy food in Wallingford; to support local farmers, producers and secondary producers; to create a vibrant community resource; to support a healthy local economy and strengthen links between producers and consumers; and to support local community groups, craftspeople and small scale producers.

c) To carry out any activities to further the above objectives.

3. Management

a) The market shall be managed by a committee of not less than four and not more than nine persons over the age of sixteen who shall be responsible for all matters to do with the organisation and running of the market including such changes to the constitution as it shall consider necessary.

b) The first committee shall be appointed by the steering group responsible for setting up the market. The first committee and subsequent committees should as far as possible be representative of a wide range of stakeholder groups such as local residents, producers, consumers etc.

c) Subsequently, the committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Anyone who is a customer of, or producer for, the market, or is a resident of the Wallingford area may attend the AGM and vote. Written notice of the AGM shall be given at the normal location of the market on the four market days immediately preceding the date of the AGM. Nominations for the committee shall be submitted to the Secretary in writing not later than two weeks before the date of the AGM. Such nominations shall be proposed and seconded by persons eligible to vote at the AGM. The first AGM shall take place not later than four months after the conclusion of the market's first trading year. Proper accounts shall be kept and shall be presented at each AGM.

d) The committee shall meet not less than once in every four months.

e) The committee shall include at least two producer members and two customers or local residents.

f) The committee shall appoint officers as follows: i. Chairperson; ii. Secretary; and iii. Treasurer.

g) The committee may invite a suitable person not on the committee to be Honorary Chairperson. The Honorary Chairperson may attend meetings of the committee but may not vote.

h) The committee may fill casual vacancies on the committee or in the officers.

i) The committee may delegate certain powers to sub-committees or individual officers.

j) Decisions of the committee or sub-committee shall be made by majority vote of those members attending. In the case of a tied vote, the Chairperson shall have the casting vote. Proxy voting shall be allowed.

k) The committee may appoint an Organiser or Administrator to manage the day to day running of the market. If such an appointment is made the committee will provide a job description specifying the duties involved and the relationship between the committee and the Organiser.

4. Winding up

In the event that the market ceases to exist, two members should be appointed to wind up the organisation. They should initially seek to use assets to meet any outstanding debts, and then to distribute any remainder to appropriate Wallingford community groups or other farmers' market organisations.