Quality local produce at its best ...

Taste the best cheeses in Britain on the Cheese Matters stall at Wallingford Local Producers' Market.

Popular and renowned cheeses Rosethorn, a blue cheese from Two Hoots, and Wigmore, a soft ewes-milk cheese from Village Maid, both from Berkshire, received Gold at the British Cheese Awards in June.

They were joined by newcomers from Oxfordshire: Norton & Yarrow's goats' cheese Brightwell Barrow won Gold, and Sinodun Hill won Bronze in the New Cheese category.

Norton & Yarrow's goats graze at the Earth Trust's North Farm at Little Wittenham, and the cheeses are made at Nettlebed Creamery. The Creamery's own St Bartholomew, made with cows' milk, won Silver, and Bix, a soft cheese, won Bronze.

The Cheese Stall

The Cheese Stall is run by the Wallingford Local Producers Market to sell a range of cheeses made within a 30-mile radius of the town.

The cheesemakers are:

Crudge's from Kingham

Artisan semi-hard cheeses made with locally sourced milk: Haddon Gold is a tasty and popular cutting cheese made from Jersey milk, which is good for cooking as well as the cheeseboard. Aveton is an award-winning semi-hard goat's milk cheese and Sarsden is a ewe's milk cheese. Roger Crudge is a highly innovative cheese-maker and we often stock limited edition cheeses as they become available.


Two Hoots from Wokingham

Barkham Blue is the multi-award winning cheese, voted Super Gold in the World Cheese Awards of 2012. It is made from Jersey milk in an ammonite shaped round and is covered in an attractive natural mould ripened rustic rind. It has a smooth buttery texture with a 'melt in the mouth' tangy flavour and none of the harshness associated with some blue cheese. We often stock Rosethorn Blue, a multi-award winner made with milk from Friesian cows for a lighter 'single cream' texture with surprising zest. www.twohootscheese.co.uk

Barkham Blue

Village Maid from Spencers Wood

Wigmore, Spenwood and Waterloo cheeses are available from Anne Wigmore's dairy. Wigmore is semi-soft ewe's milk cheese. Spenwood is a hard Pecorino-style cheese made from ewe's milk. Waterloo is a mild Brie-style cheese made with unpasteurised Guernsey milk. www.villagemaidcheese.co.uk


The stall is run by volunteers for the benefit of the market.

All cheeses are cut to order.