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Agenda for the WLPM Committee Meeting

Monday 4th August 2014, 7.30pm


The Partridge, Wallingford


Apologies for absence

Minutes of the last meeting (9 June) and matters arising

Chair's report

Co-coordinator's report of June and July markets

Treasurer's report

Publicity: social media, Window for Wallingford

Discussion about outdoor markets

Little Wittenham Lamb and other stallholders have significantly higher takings when WLPM is in the Market Place, and they would be prepared to pay the stall fee that the council charges (higher than the Regal stall fee)

Questions for discussion:

  1. Is it a good idea to have more outdoor markets - who benefits and who doesn't, will we attract new stallholders as well as new customers?
  2. Will stallholders pay the fee charged by the Town Council to WLPM for the Market Place pitches, or should WLPM subsidise stallholders?
  3. If we have markets outdoors in the Market Place: how many per month, all year round or only in spring/summer/autumn?
  4. Which stallholders will attend outdoor markets? How many can supply own gazebos and how many will need to borrow from WLPM or another source, do we need other equipment e.g. tables?

Any other business

Date and location of next meeting