Wallingford Local Producers Market

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Taste the best cheeses in Britain on the Cheese Matters stall at Wallingford Local Producers' Market.

Popular and renowned cheeses Rosethorn, a blue cheese from Two Hoots, and Wigmore, a soft ewes-milk cheese from Village Maid, both from Berkshire, received Gold at the British Cheese Awards in June.

They were joined by newcomers from Oxfordshire: Norton & Yarrow's goats' cheese Brightwell Barrow won Gold, and Sinodun Hill won Bronze in the New Cheese category.

Norton & Yarrow's goats graze at the Earth Trust's North Farm at Little Wittenham, and the cheeses are made at Nettlebed Creamery. The Creamery's own St Bartholomew, made with cows' milk, won Silver, and Bix, a soft cheese, won Bronze.

Congratulations to the cheese-makers on receiving these prestigious awards for their excellent cheeses, which are on sale at Wallingford Local Producers' Market; bringing the best of local food to Wallingford on Saturday mornings.

The market was founded on the following principles:

  • To make available produce grown or produced within a 30 mile radius of Wallingford

  • To promote the benefits of locally produced food

  • To work with other organisations to help and support the local economy

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"On a market stall people can try out their ideas and get their business booming without too much cost. It's great for our town centres too, bringing in fresh ideas and products, and preserving our nation's cultural heritage."

Mary Portas, author of

The Portas review: an independent review into the future of our high streets

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